Hi! My name is Oceana and I have always had a passion for animal welfare in New Zealand. 
Since I was young I have had a huge spot in my heart for the creatures we share this beautiful world with. At age 5 I saved my first "rescue pup" who was roaming the streets of a Manawatu township. This journey all started that day... I knew my career would be something that involved animals. I have been so lucky to have a Mum that would allow and encourage me to build this strong bond with various pets I had over the years on our acre section and homestead.

Opening of PETS 2 U - 2011

In 2011 I handed my resignation in after being in numerous chef roles for 8 years and had my Daughter Ari.  This is when I decided it was time to travel NZ picking up neglected, unwanted or unplanned litters of pups among other animals that just needed a loving hand and guidance in the right direction towards their fuuurever family. Raising Ari around animals has always been an important part of life, I wanted to teach her the same compassion and empathy for animals as my Mum did for me. 

Over 1000 little lives saved..

After four years of opening our homes and hearts to these innocent animals we found all over NZ, we had saved over 1000 lives. That included pups, kittens, adult dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, goats and more! I wanted to go a step further... and have the power to save and speak for animals that were neglected in many backyards across New Zealand. 

Becoming an Animal Welfare Inspector...

In 2015 I decided to dedicate my year to study while still running my rescue. I enrolled at UNITEC In Auckland and had so much to learn within 1 year. Animal Health & Husbandry, Communication Skills, Animal Law, Investigations, and Prosecutions were all elements that made up the Animal Welfare Investigations Course. I passed my course and by 2016 I became a warranted Animal Welfare Inspector for the RNZSPCA.